Energy Advantage Architecture

Energy Advantage Architecture (EAA) is a suite of options, technologies and designs that allow IT and facility managers to get the best possible performance from their UPS. Options like Energy Saver System (ESS), dramatically increase UPS efficiency without sacrificing protection.

EAA components are currently available on the Power Xpert 9395, 9390 and 93PM UPS products.

New ESS Plus!

Energy Saver System (ESS) Plus technology featuring a Harmonic Reduction System (HRS) makes Eaton the first and only one in the industry to enable large, three-phase UPSs in high efficiency mode to detect and automatically correct harmonic currents for increased reliability and efficiency. For more information, read our technical brief and mitigating data center harmonics white paper.

Efficiency Calculator

Efficiency Calculator

Compare efficiency data and see how Eaton UPSs with Energy Saver System perform with your load profile.

Upgrade your existing 9390, 9395 or 93PM with Energy Saver System

Test your UPS to upgrade to ESS Test your UPS to upgrade to ESS

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Data Foundry Success Story

World-class colocation facility gains world-class power protection solution in Eaton 9395 with ESS, VMMS .
SMaRT Gold certified 9395 LEED credits - Thumb

SMaRT Gold certified 9395 LEED credits

Learn how the SMaRT Gold certified 9395 UPS can contribute to points in two LEED Credit Categories for buildings and projects seeking certification