Battery Service Plans

Full Battery Coverage

  • Guaranteed replacement of your batteries without any additional costs for the duration of the coverage
  • 7x24 On-Site Corrective Battery Maintenance Coverage
  • Replacement of worn-out batteries in accordance with Services Guidelines

Battery Monitoring Eaton Cellwatch

  • Offers a battery monitoring solution that allows you to act before a minor battery issue becomes a critical power problem
  • Monitors voltage, internal resistance and temperature
  • Provides immediate warning and specific battery identification of deterioration and imminent failure
  • Reduces the possibility of damage to the entire battery string
  • Enables replacement based on battery condition, preventing expensive premature replacement
  • Minimum 120 days of activity history enables you to trend individual battery and strings performance
  • Continuous monitoring during discharge, recharge and float
  • Remote monitoring capabilities optional
  • Continuous monitoring of string and battery discharge currents ranging from 25A to 1000A

Battery Updates

  • Replacement batteries with either identical model new batteries or upgraded, higher capacity models
  • Installation of new batteries
  • Check of charging voltage
  • Ground freight

Battery Additions

  • Delivers the best solution to carry you through longer power outages after analyzing your load and runtime specifications, space restrictions and recharge time
  • Additional battery strings and higher capacity batteries
  • Priority delivery and professional installation
  • Batteries with either identical model new batteries or upgraded, higher capacity models.

Battery Preventive Maintenance

  • Maximizes uptime and extends battery life by eliminating problems before they happen
  • Custom design a Preventive Maintenance package
  • Spot checks for connection torques
  • Inspection of battery environment