Easy Battery+

This is a service product which is offering Eaton final customers a complete batteries tray to exchange their batteries. The whole batteries exchange process will be therefore much quicker and safer than swapping batteries one by one. Learn more.

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Battery+ Service Easy Battery+ Video
This service product offers Eaton customers a complete
batteries tray to exchange their UPS batteries.
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With Easy Battery+ kit you are sure that:

  • The battery is fully compliant with the quality standard of a world class UPS manufacturer
  • The battery is compatible with the performance of your UPS

The Easy Battery+ kit allows you to save money:

  • By simply replacing the batteries and giving a second life to your UPS
  • By managing your operational expenditures, buy your Easy Battery+ kit now and use it in 3 months

To purchase an Easy Battery+ kit you just need to contact your preferred reseller and ask him for the kit suitable for your UPS.