Eaton Airflow Manager for 1U switches

Cisco 7018 Switch Enclosure and Paramount Conversion Kits for Cisco Switches

Paramount conversion kits allow standard Paramount configurations with rack hygiene to accommodate Cisco switch applications.

Eaton also offers the Cisco 7018 Switch Enclosure. This is a turnkey enclosure with an extra wide frame designed to specifically store, cool and power the Cisco Nexus 7018 switch.


Eaton Airflow solutions – Technical Specifications

Part Number Cisco Model Converts Paramount Model
6509CVK42UPM Catalyst 6509-E PMT423042H or PMT423048H
6509CVK44UPM Catalyst 6509-E PMT443042H or PMT443048H
6509CVK48UPM Catalyst 6509-E PMT483042H or PMT483048H
6509CVK51UPM Catalyst 6509-E PMT513042H or PMT513048H
6513CVK42UPM Catalyst 6513 PMT423042H or PMT423048H
6513CVK44UPM Catalyst 6513 PMT443042H or PMT443048H
6513CVK48UPM Catalyst 6513 PMT483042H or PMT483048H
6513CVK51UPM Catalyst 6513 PMT513042H or PMT513048H
9513CVK42UPM MDS 9513 PMT423042H or PMT423048H
9513CVK44UPM MDS 9513 PMT443042H or PMT443048H
9513CVK48UPM MDS 9513 PMT483042H or PMT483048H
9513CVK51UPM MDS 9513 PMT513042H or PMT513048H
7010CVK42UPM Nexus 7010 PMT423048H
7010CVK44UPM Nexus 7010 PMT443048H
7010CVK48UPM Nexus 7010 PMT483048H
7010CVK51UPM Nexus 7010 PMT513048H

Eaton Airflow solutions – Features

Cisco 7018 Switch Enclosure

  • Features a specialized airflow containment design that is compliant with the Cisco Nexus 7000 Series switch site preparation guide
  • Includes pre-installed switch brackets
  • Allows the switch assembly to be mounted facing the front or rear of the enclosure
  • Resolves the difficult issue of how to mount a switch with unique airflow requirements
  • Includes integrated cable management
  • Helps eliminate overheating of network racks and other nearby equipment by maintaining front to rear airflow
  • Improves efficiency by preventing cold air from mixing with hot air

Paramount conversion Kits for Cisco Switches

  • Integrated air seal panels to convert side-to-side into front-to-back airflow
  • Vertical lacing bars for managing large bundles of data cables
  • Pre-installed adjustable chassis support brackets for supporting heavy switches


Containment Strategies Airflow Management Solutions
Containment Strategies Presentation Eaton Impact Video  

Eaton Airflow solutions – Documentation

Product & service catalog (overview)
English (US)
5657 kB
White Space Solutions Line Card
English (US)
2246 kB
Airflow Management Brochure
English (US)
3022 kB
Raised Floor Grommet Datasheet
English (US)
648 kB
Airflow Director for Cisco and Juniper Switches Installation Manual
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320 kB
Cisco Conversion Kits Installation Manual
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7484 kB
LACCD: Eaton solution proves knowledge is power for college district
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BlueGrass data center success story
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560 kB
Conversion Kit 6513CVK44UPM
English (US)
74 kB
Conversion Kit 9513CVK48UPM Standalone
English (US)
72 kB
Conversion Kit 9513CVK48UPM Installed
English (US)
172 kB
Conversion Kit 7010CVK48UPM
English (US)
97 kB
Assembly and Installation Services
English (US)
141 kB
Blanking Panel Service
English (US)
1400 kB
Data Center Cooling Assessment Service
English (US)
231 kB
Aisle Containment Testing Services
English (US)
522 kB
Anti-tip Anchoring Service.pdf
English (US)
276 kB
English (US)
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Data Center Cooling Assessment Service
English (US)
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Data center line card
English (US)
912 kB

Eaton Airflow solutions – Support

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