Eaton End of Row Doors

Industry studies indicate that an estimated 60% of the cool air supplied to traditional data centers is wasted because it bypasses the intended IT equipment and returns directly to the hot air intake of the CRAC. Adapting a containment strategy increases the effectiveness of the cold air. End of Row Doors are easily integrated and are a cost-effective solution to improve efficiency while lowering overall operating costs.

Eaton End of Row Doors – Features

  • Ease of Installation – Field-installable, rack-integrated and ceiling mount options available
  • Rack Agnostic – Flexible enough to install almost anywhere on any manufacturer's brand enclosure
  • Improve Efficiency and Predictability – Increases cold air intake efficiency, from the bottom of the enclosure to the top, within the cold aisle.
  • Variety of Door Models – Five styles of doors now available: Single-sliding, Dual-sliding, Café, Single-swing and Dual-swing.
  • Minimize Air Re-mixing – Cost-effectively minimize air mixing between the hot and cold aisle while keeping the uniform cold air supply in front of the servers for a longer period of time
  • Sliding and Café doors come standard with a hold-open feature


Airflow Management Solutions End of Row Door Installation Video
Eaton Impact Video Eaton Impact Video  

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