Raised Floor Grommet

Eaton Raised Floor Grommet

Eaton’s split floor grommet offers superior performance over competitive products. The split design allows for the solution to be installed in live environments. A cover is included to eliminate the risk of injury due to open holes in the raised floor. The installation of the floor grommet increases energy efficiency and predictability within the data center ensuring that the air supply is delivered only where needed, increasing efficiency and predictability by eliminating bypass airflow and therefore reducing the data center’s PUE.


Eaton Raised Floor Grommet – Technical Specifications

Part Number Dimensions
FG118 11"W x 8.25"D
FG11810 11"W x 8.25"D (Qty 10)
FG76 7.5"W x 6.5"D
FG7610 7.5"W x 6.5"D (Qty 10)

Eaton Raised Floor Grommet – Features

  • Increased energy efficiency and predictability—eliminates bypass airflow while maintaining a consistent subfloor plenum pressure
  • Flexible, innovative design—overlapping serrated fingers and optional retention bands adapt to any size or shape cable bundle. Ties ensure a complete and lasting seal by providing tension against the cabling
  • Zero downtime—the split design allows for installation in live environments
  • Superior performance—delivers a faster and greater ROI than any other solution on the market


Raised Floor Grommet
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Eaton Raised Floor Grommet – Documentation

Product & service catalog (overview)
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Airflow Management Brochure
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Paramount Brochure
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Raised Floor Grommet Datasheet
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Assembly and Installation Services
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Removal Services
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CFD Modeling Services
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Warranty Validation Service
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Reconfigure and Move Service
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Preventative Maintenance Contract Service
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Aisle Containment Testing Services
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Data Center Cooling Assessment Service
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Data center line card
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Eaton Raised Floor Grommet – Support

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