Power Conditioners

Eaton’s power conditioners provide exceptional system reliability through ultimate power protection against sags, surges, swells, spikes and electrical noise. The power conditioners correct voltage sags while maintaining uptime and productivity. They offer superior protection against damaging electrical disturbances. Eaton’s power conditioners safeguard critical equipment from all forms of RFI/EMI electrical noise.

Eaton Power-Sure 700 Three Phase Voltage Regulator

The Eaton Power-Sure 700 provides power protection using Eaton’s threephase power line conditioning system. Power-Sure 700 combines voltage regulation with a transformer and filter to remove transients and noise.

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Eaton Power-Sure 800 Single Phase Voltage Regulator

The Eaton Power-Sure 800 offers the solution for any application with noisy or poor power quality. Available in office, floor or wall/panel mounted industrial models.

Eaton Power-Suppress 600 Three Phase Isolation Transformer

Eaton Power-Suppress 600 3 Phase Isolation Transformer protects loads from voltage and current distortions caused from triplen harmonics (3rd, 9th, 15th, 21st, etc.). It will attenuate noise from input to output and also prohibits system backfeed from noise generating loads.

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Eaton Power-Sure 100 Single Phase Isolation Transformer

The Eaton Power-Suppress 100 Ultra-Isolation and Noise Suppressor provides protection against electrical disturbances and safeguards equipment from RFI/EMI electrical noise.

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Sag Ride Through (SRT) Power Conditioner

The EATON Sag Ride Through (SRT) power conditioner corrects sag events and phase shifts, responds within 1/8 of a cycle, and provides continuous voltage regulation.

Harmonic Correction Unit

Active Harmonic Filters (Harmonic Correction Units — HCU2) provide dynamic harmonic correction by actively injecting the required currents into the customer’s electrical distribution system to cancel the entire spectrum of damaging harmonic currents at the point of connection.