Eaton’s Personal Environment Zone

Eaton’s Personal Environment Zone allows users to maintain personal settings for temperature, airflow, lighting and worksurface height. The self-contained unit is mounted into a worksurface; attaching to the underside of a desktop. Adjustable louvers in the top allow filtered air to be directed per the user’s preference. A forced heated air vent for legs and feet is located under the worksurface. Circulated ambient and heated air, light dimming and worksurface lift controls are operated from a full color touchscreen right at the operator’s fingertips.

Personal Environment Zone – Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Electrical connection Standard 115 VAC 3-prong plug (Polarized)
Forced air heater 150 Watt, 35 CFM
Power requirements 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Maximum current draw 2.75 A
Agency listing ETL listed, conforms to UL STD 2021
Filter Standard filter with MERV 6 rating
Replacement Filter Optional replacement carbon filter with MERV 5 rating
Warranty 2 years
Touchscreen Functions
Air speed above worksurface
Heated air below worksurface
Light dimming control
Lift height control for keyboard worksurface
Lift height control for monitor worksurface

Personal Environment Zone – Features

  • PLC controls (touchscreen)
  • Occupancy motion sensor shutoff – 10 minutes
  • Circulated ambient air (above worksurface)
  • Circulated heated air (below worksurface)
  • Multi-language support – English, French and Spanish
  • Lift controls
  • Light dimming – controls two lights

Personal Environment Zone – Documentation

Sorry no documents are available.

Personal Environment Zone – Options

Personal Environment Zone
Description Part Number
Personal Environment System PEPECU1
PEPECU1 replacement standard filter kit 10/pk PEPECFILTSTD
PEPECU1 replacement carbon filter kit 2/pk PEPECFILTCHL
Description Part Number
Articulating LED task lamp, 3.7 watts, (dimming cord required) TOALTLED
TOALTLED dimming cord RJ9 to RJ9, 25 feet TOALTLEDCORD
Slatwall bracket, black TOALTSB
Lamp clamp mount, black TOALTCM
Lamp table base, black TOALTDM
Lift Compatibility
Description Part Number
30 x 36 x 30 Dual lift - 90° G110A303630-Z
36 x 36 x 36 Dual lift - 90° G110A363636-Z
42 x 42 x 42 Dual lift - 90° G110A424242-Z
60 x 60 Dual lift - 90° G110A6060-Z
72 x 72 Dual lift - 90° G110A7272-Z
30 x 30 x 30 Dual lift - 90°, core only G110C303030-Z
48 x 48 Dual lift - 90°, core only G110C4848-AZ
48 x 48, Dual lift - 120°, core only G110C4848-CZ
60 x 60 Dual lift - 120°, core only G110C6060-CZ
48 x 48 Dual corner lift - 120° PEC120482EZ
60 x 60 Dual corner lift PEC60602EZ
72 x 72 Dual corner lift w/full KB PEC72723EZ
60” Dual linear lift PEWS60303EZ
72” Dual linear lift PEWS72303EZ
30 x 36 x 30 Dual corner lift PL3036302EZ

Personal Environment Zone – Support

Toll free: 800.225.7348 (US Only) or 508.852.4300

160 Gold Star Boulevard
Worcester, MA 01606