Eaton 9155 Marine

    Eaton 9155 Marine

    Double-conversion online technology with power ratings 8-30 kVA, DNV type approved up to 15 kVA, single-phase or split-phase input and single-phase output, small foot print, patented Hot Sync parallel capability up to four redundant systems, ABM technology to extend battery service life, wide communication options.

    Eaton 9155 Marine - Technical Specifications

    Product Snapshot
    Power Rating 8-30 KVA
    Voltage 220-230-240V
    Frequency 50/60 Hz
    Configuration Tower
    UPS Models
    Eaton 9155 Marine (all models are TAA Compliant)
    Eaton 9155 (8-30 KVA) Specifications

    Eaton 9155 Marine - Features

    • Compact design with internal batteries, and build-in static and manual bypass switches, delivers a complete solution with reduced footprint and industry-leading power density.
    • Delivering more real power with optimal 0,9 output power factor reduces need to oversize. With active power factor control (PFC), unbeatable 0,99 input power factor and reduced ITHD are achieved to ensure enhanced compatibility with any other upstream equipment
    • Reliable backup is further enhanced with Advanced Battery Management (ABM™) that by using an innovative three-stage battery charging system significantly extents battery lifetime.
    • Highest availability and reliability is achieved with HotSync paralleling technology that enables paralleling up to four 9155 UPSs for additional capacity or redundancy
    • User-friendly LCD interface with wide range of connectivity options, makes 9155 easy to use and safe to operate.
    • Innovative technology and design makes 9155 a truly sustainable solution by featuring high system efficiency and power density

    Eaton 9155 Marine - Support

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      Factory Warranty
      Duration of warranty2 yrs
      Comprehensive coverage of the UPS and standard batteries
      7x24 Customer Reliability Center triage and support
      7x24 Telephone Technical support access
      Connectivity support
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      ProActive PowerTrust
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      eNotify Remote Monitoring Service
      Discounted Spare Parts & Upgrade Kits & T&M 30%30%30%
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