Eaton Blanking Panels

Eaton offers blanking panels in a variety of styles including tool-less, mechanically fastened and with cable pass through options in steel as well as plastic. The width meets EIA-310-D standards and comes in various heights (depending on style). Most panels are bulk packed in quantities of 10 and 100.

Eaton Blanking Panels – Technical Specifications

Part Number Height Quantity
Plastic blanking panels (for tapped/square holes)
PBP1U10 1U 10
PBP1U100 1U 100
PBP1U500 1U 500
PBP2U10 2U 10
PBP2U100 2U 100
PBP2U500 2U 500
PBP8U10 8U 10
PBP8U100 8U 100
PBP8U500 8U 500
Steel blanking panels (Tool-less)
FP1901U10BLK 1U 10
FP1901UBLK 1U 50
FP1901U100BLK 1U 100
FP1902U10BLK 2U 10
FP1902U100BLK 2U 100
FP1905U10BLK 5U 10
FP1905U100BLK 5U 100
Steel blanking panels (Mechanically Fastened)
V319F01U10BLK 1U 10
V319F01UBLK 1U 50
V319F01U100BLK 1U 100
V319F02U10BLK 2U 10
V319F02U100BLK 2U 100
V319F05U10BLK 5U 10
V319F05U100BLK 5U 100
Cable pass-thru blanking panels with brush strip (Tool-less)
Part Number Height Mounting
Adjustable blanking panels
SBP1222USQ 12-22U Square
SBP1222UTPD 12-22U Tapped
SBP712USQ 7-12U Square
SBP712UTPD 7-12U Tapped

Eaton Blanking Panels – Features

  • Significantly reduces re-circulation of hot exhaust air to the equipment inlet
  • Adds to the overall aesthetics of the data center
  • Wide range of heights from 1U to 22U depending on style
  • EIA-310-D compliant for 19" equipment
  • Color: Black
  • Available in tool-less, mechanically fastened and cable pass through styles
  • Integrates with Eaton server room and data center solutions


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Eaton Blanking Panels – Documentation

Blanking Panels Datasheet
English (US)
315 kB
Airflow Management Solutions Brochure (SEA)
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Eaton Blanking Panels – Support

Technical Help Desk
Service Hotline: + 65 6825 1684