Eaton Independent Containment System (ICS)

Designed to provide maximum flexibility in all environments, the ICS, assembled within the footprint of a standard aisle, is constructed with a tubular steel frame. The frame’s structure is designed to be freestanding and meets seismic NEBS Zone 4 standards. Used in conjunction with Eaton's End of Row Doors, Aisle Containment Ceilings and Ducts, the self-contained ICS allows complete independence in your data center.

Eaton Independent Containment System – Features

  • Scalable Design – The ability to extend aisles with load growth makes the ICS an ideal solution for co-location and other highly evolving data center environments that require on-the-fly modifications
  • Containment Integrity – Vertical blanking panels ensure containment integrity when racks are partially deployed within the row and are easily removed in sections to allow quick installation and positioning of new IT racks
  • Rack Agnostic – Ability to support virtually any brand of server or network rack in any depth, height and size with on-demand reconfiguration of the row
  • Cold Aisle Compatible – Easily deployed as a cold aisle containment solution with or without a down flow chimney system
  • Increased ROI – Modular, building-block design offers complete flexibility and room for growth increasing your initial Return on Investment (ROI)


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