Eaton 5E UPS
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Eaton 5E UPS

Replacement of Eaton Nova & NV UPS

The Eaton 5E is an essential line interactive UPS that provides cost effective and reliable power protection against power outages and bad power quality. Thanks to its small size the 5E can be installed easily either in a business environment or at home.


Eaton 5E UPS - Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Power Rating 500-2000 VA
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Topology Line-interactive
Configuration Tower
UPS Models
Part Number Power Rating Input Plug Outlets
Eaton 5E IEC
5E500i 500 / 300 C14 (4) C13
5E650i 650 / 360 C14 (4) C13
5E650iUSB 650 / 360 C14 (4) C13
5E850iUSB 850 / 480 C14 (4) C13
5E1100iUSB 1100 / 660 C14 (6) C13
5E1500iUSB 1500 / 900 C14 (6) C13
5E2000iUSB 2000 / 1200 C14 (6) C13
Eaton 5E DIN
5E650iDIN 650 / 360 C14 (2) C13, (1) Schuko
5E650iUSBDIN 650 / 360 C14 (2) C13, (1) Schuko
5E850iUSBDIN 850 / 480 C14 (2) C13, (1) Schuko

Eaton 5E UPS - Features

  • Work through under & overvoltage without wasting battery thanks to Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Rely on batteries anytime : 5E batteries are permanently recharged (even when off) and UPS can start without mains (Cold-start)
  • Avoid back door damages coming through phone lines : 5E USB models are equipped with data line surge protection (Internet/Tel/Fax)
  • Plug easily any equipment to the UPS (PC, HD TV, internet gateway,…) thanks to IEC and Schuko outlets (on DIN models)
  • Install 5E anywhere thanks to its small size
  • Easily manage your UPS from your PC
  • Ensure peace of mind thanks to a 2-year warranty (automatically included)

Eaton 5E UPS - Options

Power Management Software
Option Part Number
UPS Companion
Software ideally suited for power management of personal computers (and their associated peripherals) with a serial / USB connection to the UPS.
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Eaton 5E UPS - Service & Support

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    For technical support on your Eaton UPS please contact your local Eaton office.

    Eaton 5E - Services

    Service Plans for new UPS
    Description Warranty+1
    Standard Product Warranty extended of 1 additional year Tick
    Standard exchange on site Tick
    Covers both electronic parts and batteries Tick
    Service Plans
    Reference Description Warranty+1
    5E500i Eaton 5E 500i W1001
    5E650i Eaton 5E 650i W1001
    5E650iUSB Eaton 5E 650iUSB W1001
    5E650iDIN Eaton 5E 650iDIN W1001
    5E650iUSBDIN Eaton 5E 650iUSBDIN W1001
    5E850iUSB Eaton 5E 850iUSB W1001
    5E850iUSBDIN Eaton 5E 850iUSBDIN W1001
    5E1100iUSB Eaton 5E 1100iUSB W1001
    5E1500iUSB Eaton 5E 1500iUSB W1001
    5E2000iUSB Eaton 5E 2000iUSB W1001