Eaton 9390 UPS

Formerly Powerware 9390 UPS

Eaton 9390 UPS combines technical innovation with a rich feature set to provide best-in-class power protection with high energy density for data-centers, medical facilities and other critical systems. Premium level efficiency cuts utility costs and with double conversion topology there are no compromises in reliability. Scalable runtimes and HotSync paralleling technology ensure this UPS system will fit your current and future power requirements.

Eaton 9390 UPS - Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Power Rating 40-160 kVA
Voltage 208-380-400-415-480-600V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Configuration Tower
Product Series Powerware
UPS Models
Eaton 9390
Eaton 9390 (40-160 kVA) Nth America Specifications
Eaton 9390 (40-160 kVA) International Specifications

Eaton 9390 UPS - Features

  • Leading sustainability is achieved with innovative UPS design and its high efficiency rating that significantly lower the total cost of ownership. Small footprint and lightweight reduce costs of transportation and installation.
  • Strong power performance with active power factor control (PFC) provides unbeatable 0,99 input power factor and minimizes ITHD. This greatly reduces interference with other upstream equipment and enhances 9390 UPS compatibility with generators.
  • Highest availability and reliability is achieved with Powerware HotSync paralleling technology that enables 9390 UPS to be paralleled for both redundancy and capacity. Advanced paralleling options also ensure your UPS system can easily adapt to increasing power requirements.
  • Reliable backup with scalable runtimes are enhanced with Advanced Battery Management (ABM™) and UPS battery self test options that extent battery lifetime and help detect any defects in batteries already in earlier stage.
  • Robust manageability is delivered with advanced control and connectivity options and with superior service offering

Eaton 9390 UPS - Documentation

Product & Service Catalog (overview)
English (US)
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ESS Technology Brief - US
English (US)
434 kB
Intelligent Power Manager brochure
English (US)
1273 kB
Eaton 9390 UPS Brochure
English (US)
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Eaton Cellwatch Battery Monitoring System brochure
English (US)
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Eaton 9390 UPS Brochure
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ESS Field Upgrade Overview
English (US)
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Eaton 9390 UPS - Datasheet (EMEA)
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Powerware Hot Sync Paralleling Technology Brochure
English (US)
268 kB
Static Auto Tie Architecture
English (US)
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Hot Sync Technology Datasheet
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Eaton 9390 UPS - Options

UPS Service Plans
Large UPS (Three Phase, 20 - 750kVA)
Common service plans for our large UPS include: proactive service plans, comprehensive service coverage, start-up service, and UPS Preventive Maintenance.
Battery Services
Comprehensive set of battery services specifically designed to minimize the risk of system downtime and provide you with peace of mind.
Power Management Connectivity
Option Part Number
ConnectUPS-X Web/SNMP Card
Allows monitoring of the UPS and other equipment via Web or SNMP
Relay Card
Provides dry-contact interface between your UPS and any relay-connected computer, including the AS/400, as well as a variety of industrial applications
CAN Bridge Card
CAN Bridge Card for paralleling units and/or RMP/RIM/SCM interface. x2 for N+1, x3 for N+2
Power Xpert Gateway UPS card
The Power Xpert Gateway UPS card allows direct connection to Ethernet networks and Web access to Eaton Powerware x-slot compatible UPSs.
Power Management Software
UPS and ePDU Supervisory Software
Part Number
Intelligent Power Manager
Enables monitoring and management of multiple network power devices and integrates seamlessly with VMware’s vCenter Server and Microsoft’s SCVMM.
free download
UPS Protection Software
Part Number
Intelligent Power Protector
Provides automatic, graceful shutdown of PCs, servers and virtual machines during extended power outages. Compatible with ESXi, Hyper-V and Xen.
free download
Option Part Number
Power Xpert Software Professional Edition
Monitors your entire power chain with Web based views of your enterprise-wide mission-critical servers allowing access to critical performance information from any location via a Web Browser. This edition is gearedView more
Power Xpert Software Enterprise Edition
Monitors your entire power chain with Web based views of your enterprise-wide mission-critical servers allowing access to critical performance information from any location via a Web Browser. This edition extensiveView more
Power Xpert Reporting
Eaton’s Power Xpert Reporting works in conjunction with Power Xpert Software or Foreseer allowing a view past individual measurements, trend graphs and events. It consolidates complex data from a multitude of devicesView more
Power Distribution and Bypass
Option Part Number
Eaton ePDU
Enclosure Power Distribution Units distribute power to 4 to 45 receptacles in high-density rack environments. The plug-and-play architecture organizes power distribution, simplifies cable management and lets you add and change IT equipment without an electrician

Eaton 9390 UPS - Support

    Technical support is available to you in the event of a problem with your product

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