Power Xpert 9395 - Robust manageability

Eaton views your power system as a strategic asset—an approach we call Power Chain Management Eaton’s PowerChain Management solutions can help transform complicated power systems into a single, integrated system easily visible and manageable as a strategic business asset, providing a significant competitive advantage.

If your company is like most, its power system was built over time. As the organization’s needs changed, additional equipment was likely piece-mealed into the system, with a circuit breaker added here and a transformer replaced there. The result can be a power system that is a complicated mixture of old and new equipment from several different manufacturers. Because there is no common means of communicating across this varied equipment, gathering data across the enterprise can be quite challenging.

Enhance your business visibility to see the entire picture
The complexity of gathering data among various devices makes it difficult to get a clear picture of what’s happening inside your power system, which decreases your ability to manage your power system effectively. Consequently, business results suffer, because your enterprise depends on its power system.

Eaton’s Power Xpert Architecture, the backbone of our PowerChain Management solutions, enables you to monitor much more than your 9395 UPS; it transforms your power system into an integrated, agile system that delivers real competitive advantages. With the software and hardware components of Power Xpert Architecture, you can monitor, control, and manage your complete power system effectively and efficiently, including PDUs, batteries and other critical equipment. Using a simple, Web-based interface, the varied elements of your power system are integrated into a single view, with the ability to easily monitor the availability and reliability of electrical power, lower energy costs, extend equipment life, and more.

Optimize your power system
PowerChain Management can also help you manage your power system for peak performance by integrating and optimizing your power assets and ensuring that they align with your business goals.

Once your power system is linked to an Ethernet network via the Power Xpert Architecture, you can connect to and share information with a variety of applications, such as the building management system monitoring your HVAC equipment, or your enterprise accounting system. Power Xpert Architecture’s open standards and scalable approach make it easy for your power system to grow and adapt to a rapidly changing environment.