Power Xpert 9395 UPS - Highest reliability and availability

alt Inherent redundancy option
alt Powerware Hot Sync technology: The culmination of power reliability
alt Static Auto Tie
alt Batteries: The heart of every UPS
alt Concurrent maintenance: Higher availability
alt Reliable Eaton components

When it comes to reliability, the 9395 leaves competitive UPSs in the dust. Providing high availability for your critical systems at all times, the 9395 was designed with numerous technological advancements that create an unprecedented level of reliability.

Inherent redundancy option: When at or below 50% capacity, the 9395’s UPSs automatically share the load
Surveys focused on efficiency in data centers reveal that UPSs are often underloaded–frequently at less than 50 percent. To capitalize on this trend and create even greater reliability, you have the option to configure the 9395 with inherent redundancy. With this redundant configuration, the 9395 becomes inherently redundant when the load is at 50% or below of the UPS capacity. Traditional UPS manufacturers cannot deliver this additional reliability without adding a more costly second UPS.

Powerware Hot Sync® technology:
The culmination of power reliability In configurations with more than one uninterruptible power module (UPM), the 9395 leverages the automatic load sharing capabilities of Eaton’s patented Powerware Hot Sync technology. Powerware Hot Sync enables the UPMs to share the load equally, eliminating transfer time when shifting the load from one module to the other. The load share control algorithms maintain synchronization and load balance by constantly making minute adjustments to variations in the output power requirements.
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Static Auto Tie
The Static Auto Tie (SAT) system enhances reliability even further so full load transfers can be made autonomously. The SAT system adds a wrap-around static switch to the tie breaker in the Powerware Hot-Tie® system, then adds intelligent controls so a power protection system made up of two or more separate UPS systems can automatically transfer entire loads in the event of traumatic, catastrophic failure of one system--a rare but costly circumstance.

Batteries: The heart of every UPS
When a utility power outage causes a UPS to switch to battery power, it is imperative that those batteries are healthy, charged and up to the task. Improper battery management is the number one cause of downtime. Many UPS batteries on the market today are constantly trickle-charged—a process that eventually degrades the battery’s internal chemical composition, reducing potential battery service life by as much as 50 percent. To address this concern, we have incorporated Eaton’s ABM technology, which uses a sensing circuitry and an innovative three-stage charging technique to significantly extend battery service life and optimize recharge time. In addition, optional temperature-compensated charging monitors temperatures and changes, and adjusts the rate of charge to prolong battery life.

Advances in firmware and digital technology enable the 9395 to offer sophisticated battery monitoring and management features that you might expect to find only on expensive add-on systems, including:

  • Battery runtime remaining monitor uses system loading plus internal sensing points for voltage and current data to calculate runtime remaining
  • Battery circuit test performs a periodic pulse test of the battery string to ensure that there are no open circuits that would jeopardize battery performance and system availability

Concurrent maintenance: Higher availability
With 9395 redundant models, Eaton field technicians can completely isolate and service a redundant module while the other module carries the load--without going to bypass for service. The 9395 also features a completely front-accessible design and can be installed against walls or back to back in multi-module configuration. This service-friendly design enhances maximum uptime and availability.

Reliable Eaton components
The 9395 leverages reliable and proven electrical components manufactured by Eaton such as Cutler-Hammer circuit breakers and contactors.

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