Power Xpert 9395 high performance 480V UPS technical specs

*All 480V 9395 high performance UPS models are ENERGY STAR qualified

UPS rating (unity power factor 1.0 )
kVA 200 250 275 300 400 500 550 600 675 750 825 900 1000 1100 1200
kW 200 250 275 300 400 500 550 600 675 750 825 900 1000 1100 1200
General characteristics

99% with Energy Saver System
Up to 97% in double conversion

UPS Load
Mouseover graph for detailed efficiency values
Parallel Capability 4 UPS units maximum for distributed bypass and 8 UPS units maximum with SBM
Maximum modules per size Up to 2 modules 300 kW
Up to 3 modules 600 kW
Up to 4 modules 900/1200 kW
Audible noise as low as 75dBA @ 1 meter*
Altitude (max) 1000m at 40°C (104°F); 1000m at 35°C (95°F ) when UPM capacity is above 275 kW
N+1 Redundancy Capable Yes
Field upgradeable Yes
System bypass module Included
Input characteristics
Voltage 480V standard; 600V/575V and 400/415V also available
Voltage range +10% / -15%
Frequency range 45-65 Hz
Power factor 0.99 (minimum)
Input current distortion <3% (no input filter required)
Soft start capability Yes
Internal backfeed protection Yes
Output characteristics
Voltage 480V standard; 600V/575V and 400/415V also available
Regulation ± 1%
Inverter PWM with IGBT switching
Voltage THD <2% (100% linear load); <5% (non-linear load)
Load power factor range Up to a .9 power factor leading without derating
Battery types VRLA, AGM, Wet Cell, Lithium-ion
Battery voltage 480 V
Temperature compensation Optional
Charging method ABM technology or Float, Selectable
Dimension and weights
200 kW, 250 kW, 275 kW, 300 kW 52.5”w x 34.4”d x 74”h 2150 lb (975 kg)
200-300 kW redundant 73.8”w x 34.4”d x 74”h 3184 lb (1447 kg)
400, 500, 550, 600 kW 73.8”w x 34.4”d x 74”h 3184 lb (1447 kg)
400-600 kW redundant 103”w x 34.4”d x 74”h 4221 lb (1918 kg)
Field upgrade module, 300 kVA/kW 29”w x 34.4”d x 74”h 1037 lb
675, 750, 825, 900 kVA/kW 141"w x 34.4"d x 74"h 5236 lb
675, 750, 825, 900 kVA/kW +1 redundant 170.1"w x 34.4"d x 74"h 6523 lb
1000, 1100, 1200 kVA/kW 170.1"w x 34.4"d x 74"h 6523 lb
General Characteristics
Control panel (LCD) 10-inch Color Touchscreen with LED panel
Battery startup Standard
Frequency conversion Standard
Multi-language Standard
Buildings alarm inputs 5 (galvanic isolated)
External maintenance bypass
Maintenance bypass module, matching cabinet, 2/3/4 breaker
DC disconnects
100 kAIC input breakers
LED Light for at a glance detection of power module status
Safety UL1778, cUL
EMC IEC 62040-2,C3 limits
PredictPulse remote monitoring service
24x7 remote monitoring of UPS and battery alarms, online dashboard for real-time updates, mobile app for alarms and monthly report. PredictPulse requires the PXGX-UPS Card and Environmental Monitoring Probe
Software Compatibility Power Xpert
Communications Cards Four communication bays standard. The following connectivity options can be installed at any time:
  • PXGX-UPS Card (included with PredictPulse activation)
  • ModBus RTU card
  • AS/400 Relay card
  • Industrial Relay card
  • Powerware HotSync CAN Bridge card
  • Environmental Monitoring Probe (included)
Remote Inputs/Outputs Five building alarm inputs and one summary alarm contact (5A @ 120V) standard
Remote Monitor Panel Eight backlit status indicator lamps plus an audible horn

* assumes operation in nominal voltage, no battery charging on <60% load

Due to continuing product improvements, specifications are subject to change without notice.

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