Eaton 9E UPS (1-3 kVA)

The Eaton 9E UPS constantly monitors power conditions and regulates voltage and frequency thanks to the double conversion topology. Eaton 9E UPS can power more servers than most similar UPS because of a 0.8 power factor.


Eaton 9E UPS (1-3 kVA) - Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Power Rating 1000/2000/3000VA
Voltage 208/220/230/240V
Frequency 40Hz-70Hz, 50/60Hz autoselection
Topology Online double conversion
Configuration Tower
UPS Models
Part Number Power Rating Input Plug Output Receptacles
Eaton 9E
9E1000I 1000 / 800 C14 (4) C13
9E2000I 2000 / 1600 C14 (6) C13
9E3000I 3000 / 2400 C20 (6) C13, (1) C19
9E3000IXL 3000 / 2400 C20 (6) C13, (1) C19

Eaton 9E UPS (1-3 kVA) - Features

  • Get clear information on the UPS’ status and measurements (load level, battery level, input/output voltage and frequency) on a single screen with the new LCD interface
  • Easily communicate with the UPS through USB, RS232 serial or over the network with the optional network card (Network-MS). Relay cards or Modbus cards are also available
  • Integrate 9E into all software environments. The Eaton 9E is delivered with Eaton’s Intelligent Power™ Software and is compatible with all major OS including advanced integration in VMware vCenter and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Wide input voltage range will minimize the battery usage and help to extend battery lifetime
  • The internal bypass allows service continuity in case of an internal fault
  • Extend runtime as you like by adding up to 4 external battery modules (EBM) for 2kVA and above. For extra-long runtime, XL models with internal supercharger are also available at 3kVA

Eaton 9E UPS (1-3 kVA) - Documentation

Eaton 9E 1-3kVA User Manual
1785 kB

Eaton 9E UPS (1-3 kVA) - Options

Option Part Number
Eaton 9E EBM 72V
Power Management Connectivity
Option Part Number
Relay Card- MS
Provides dry-contact interface between your UPS and any relay-connected computer, including the AS/400, as well as a variety of industrial applications
Power Management Software
Option Part Number
Intelligent Power Manager
Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) is an easy to use yet powerful monitoring and management tool for UPS, ePDUs, shutdown software (IPP) and UPS network cards. It simplifies the management of such setups through powerfulView more
free download
Intelligent Power Protector
Intelligent Power Protector (IPP) monitors UPS status and can gracefully shutdown the systems connected to the UPS during an extended power failure and thus prevent data loss and file system corruption. IPP can alsoView more
free download

Eaton 9E UPS (1-3 kVA) - Support

    Technical support is available to you in the event of a problem with your UPS

    Technical Help Desk
    Service Hotline: + 65 6825 1684