Quantify the economic impacts of data center or system downtime



Estimate your total annual savings and investment gain with PredictPulse predictive analytics

Why Eaton PredictPulse? PredictPulse increases operational efficiency for asset management, improves repair vs. refresh decisions and reduces unplanned events and downtime costs by predicting component failures in advance. PredictPulse enables proactive replacement of components compared to the traditional replace-after-failure service contract model.

While that all sounds valuable, this ROI tool helps you transform the benefits of predictive analytics into money saved.

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Key inputs Cost per device Extended
Company Information
Total number of UPS Devices  
Annual average cost of PredictPulse Insight $
Annual average cost of full service contract $
Average battery plant cost per device $
Average cost of Replacement UPS 750/825 kVA excluding battery $
Average cost of replacement labor, electrical/device $
Cost of unplanned maintenance per hour $  
Downtime costs per hour average (includes brand equity) $  
Probability of a downtime UPS event due to parts per year %  
Reduction in risk of part failures per year %  
Capacitor/fan replacement costs per device $
Change Saving/Device Extended Change Saving/Device Extended
Downtime risk mitigation and increased resiliency (annualized) % $ $ % $ $
Estimated UPS product life extension (annualized) % $ $ % $ $
Battery monitoring cost avoidance   $ $   $ $
Condition based maintenance savings (after YR1, annualized) % $ $ % $ $
Battery and capacitor replacement optimization (annualized) % $ $ % $ $
Total Annual Savings due to PredictPulse predictive analytics   $ $   $ $
Annual Costs   $ $   $ $
Annual ROI Investment Gain (cost - savings)   $ $   $ $
Annual ROI Percentage   % %   % %
The above assumptions are based on historical industry data, customer surveys and feedback and may not be applicable to specific customer applications. Savings and estimates will vary. PredictPulse Insight is a trademark of Eaton.
PredictPulse Insight (Kodiak) - Predictive UPS Service Value Proposition
Value Proposition

Eaton Corporation will supply a predictive analytics remote monitoring service to CUSTOMER at a price of $X and a savings of over $Y, with a Z% annualized ROI. This service offers two primary benefits: increases operational efficiency for asset management and repair vs. refresh decisions, and reduces unplanned events and downtime costs by predicting component failures in advance so Eaton can proactively replace components compared to the traditional replace-after-failure service contract model.

Target Customers
  • IT Data Center Segment (Enterprise, Hyper, Colo, SMB)
  • Medical and Hospital
  • State, Local and Education (SLED)

Identified and Quantified Benefits
  • 24x7 Monitoring, Real-Time Data and Reporting
  • Power Expertise
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Security of Data and Intrusion
  • Expedited Response
  • Faster Repairs
  • Higher Reliability
  • Expert Field Techs with Van Stock Parts Inventory
  • Proactive Repairs
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Lowers Downtime Costs by 75%

Competitive Distinctiveness
  • Predicts Component Failures for Proactive Remediation
  • Higher Reliability
  • Lowers Downtime Costs by 75%
  • Compelling and unique value to IT managers and data center segment
  • Increased OPEX efficiency in planning repair vs. replace of assets CAPEX
  • Reduced risk of downtime costs due to component failures or assets not protecting critical loads
  • Reducing unplanned repair time by remotely diagnosing and expediting repairs with parts
  • Increased savings by reducing unplanned maintenance and increasing planned maintenance
  • Extending life cycle of components and assets
  • Optimizing service level and frequency to minimize total cost of ownership based on downtime costs and availability needs
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