ConnectUPS M SNMP product image

ConnectUPS M (modem) SNMP Adapter (End of Life)

The difference between the standard ConnectUPS and the M model is that the M version allows the user to connect an external modem directly to the unit. While communicating to the network with both UDP/IP and SNMP protocols, the ConnectUPS-M can now handle also the modem communications simultaneously.

ConnectUPS M (modem) SNMP adapter product photo

In the event of a UPS alarm condition, the ConnectUPS-M enables the attached, external modem to place an outgoing call to up to six pager numbers, which can be preprogrammed into the unit. If the pager supports text capability, the ConnectUPS-M is capable of providing alarm/event text on the pager's LCD display.

When the ConnectUPS-M calls a personal computer, a communications link is established between the ConnectUPS-M and a remote computer running the appropriate communications software. The ConnectUPS-M will continue to retry the call until it successfully connects to the remote computer's modem.

The ConnectUPS-M package includes two pieces of software (not necessary for calling a pager/computer directly from the ConnectUPS-M): DialUPS for UPS monitoring and UPSdial for remote alarm routing. DialUPS uses the PC to monitor the status of the remote UPSs. Critical parameters, such as alarms, load, battery time remaining or battery capacity are scrutinized. Active alarms are displayed and recorded into an alarm history file. A real-time map of the UPS input, output and battery is also included within this application.

When a UPS with a ConnectUPS-M adapter calls, UPSdial answers and performs the following actions:

  • Acquires basic data from the UPS and stores it in a unique UPS data file.
  • Displays the identifiers codes of UPSs and the abnormal UPS status on the Status screen.
  • If configured, calls a pager with a unique error code for each UPS.
  • Updates the log file.

The ConnectUPS-M is available in two models: Ethernet (twisted pair) and Token Ring. It communicates via OnliNet Centro or Vista software. If also communicates via network management software packages such as HP OpenView or IBM's NetView for AIX.