ConnectUPS SL SNMP product image

ConnectUPS SL SNMP Adapter (End of Life)

The difference between the standard ConnectUPS and the SL model is that the SL model is housed in a new enclosure which allows the user to insert it in the slot available on the NetUPS® 1/1.5 kVA, NetUPS SE (except 2000-3000VA rackmount models) and LV Profile models.

This virtually eliminates the potential of it becoming dislodged and the communication line being broken. The SL also draws its power from the UPS through the serial cable. This means that it is not necessary to use a receptacle on the UPS to power it.

The ConnectUPS SL is available in two models: Ethernet (twisted pair) and Token Ring. It communicates via OnliNet Centro or Vista software. It also communicates via network management software packages such as HP OpenView or IBM’s NetView for AIX.