Eaton Remote Power Panel Technical Specs

Electrical Characteristics
Input ratings: 100A, 225A, 400A or 800A
Phase: 3Ф, 4 wire + G
Frequency: 60 Hz
Input Connection Options
Direct connection to panel board main breaker
Connection into main lug (up to 800A)
Connection into main breakers (100A, 225A, 400A)
Up to 4 Cutler-Hammer 42 pole panel boards with 225A main breakers (2 front, 2 rear)
Factory-installed branch circuit breakers
Multiple incoming options
High kAIC input breakers
TVSS (100 kA-200 kA)
Junction box
Isolated ground
Eaton Energy Management System
Branch circuit monitoring
Distribution cables (WHIPS)
Isolation barrier for Dual Source Inputs
Optional Plexiglass viewing window
Physical Characteristics
Size: 24”W x 24”D x 78”H
Powerware Energy Management System
Metered Values:
Voltage: L-L
Phase current
Neutral current
Ground current
kVA, KW, Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Power factor / phase
Percent load / phase
Load Profiling
Min & Max V, I, Hz, KW recorded over a four hour period
Captures highest reading on monthly basis, with trend information over last 23 months
Over-and under-voltage (input & output)
High current (Three-phases, N, G)
Phase rotation (input & output)
Phase loss
Building alarms (Two-programmable)
Voltage THD
Current THD
Over/Under frequency
Output overload (3-Levels)
Modem call
Optional Power Xpert PDP Gateway card for network interface