Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR)

The Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR) offers a space-saving power distribution option for your data center. A key component of any complete power quality or power management solution, this flexible, high-density PDR was designed for the realities of modern data centers where floor space is costly, change is inevitable and uptime is critical.

Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR) – Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Input Connections Direct connection to panelboard breakers (225A or 400A)
Single or dual 800A lugs
Single or dual 400A and 600A main breakers
Dual 600A main breakers with dual source tie breaker (main-tie-main configuration)
Distribution 225A or 400A column panelboards
Front: 2 panelboards
Rear: 2 panelboards
Up to 168 pole positions
Factory installed breakers
Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR)
Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR) Specifications

Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR) – Features

  • Provides flexible power distribution with up to 168 factory-installed branch breakers in a highly compact footprint
  • Supports high-density racks with 400A panels and high power inputs
  • Allows free-standing unit with top and bottom cable entry for fast, flexible installation
  • Offers front and/or rear access, column power panels and large LCD for ease of servicing
  • Provides optional branch circuit monitoring to manage and monitor power down to individual circuits

Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR) – Documentation

Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR) – Options

Power Management Connectivity
Option Part Number
Power Xpert Gateway PDP card
The Power Xpert Gateway PDP cards allow you to keep an eye on your power distribution equipment, possibly avoiding costly events. You can access data through standard on-board web pages, Power Xpert Software or third-party software. In addition to viewing panel, sub-feed breaker and branch circuit breaker names and settings, you can edit these parameters.
Power Management Software
Part Number
Power Xpert Software
Power Xpert Software aggregates the information arriving from different types of device families via various communication methods. Its unique Web-based design, alarm bubble-up and advanced trend, waveform analysis tools help you quickly turn your attention to the most important events and identify reliability issues and cost-saving opportunities.

Eaton Power Distribution Rack (PDR) – Support

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