Eaton Power Distribution Unit Technical Specs

Electrical Characteristics
Input ratings:
Voltage: 208V, 480V or 600V:
Three-phase, three-wire plus ground (Transformerless: three-phase, four-wire plus ground)
Frequency: 60 Hz
Output ratings:
Voltage: 208V/120V, 480V or 600V: Three-phase, four-wire plus ground
Frequency: 60 Hz
Eaton 42 pole panelboards with 225A main breaker
Eaton Series C molded case subfeed breakers up to 600A (50-300kVA) and 800A (400-500kVA)
Up to twelve subfeed breakers
Custom subfeed ratings available
Factory installed branch circuit breakers
Dual main input breakers
High kAIC input breakers
TVSS (80 kA-200 kA)
Lightning arrestor
Transient suppression plate
Floor Stands (12", 15", 18", 24", 30", 33", 36" and 48")
Junction box
Manual restart
Isolated ground
Eaton Energy Management System
Branch circuit monitoring
Remote power panels
Distribution cables (WHIPS)
Communication X-Slots™ (Two)
Physical Characteristics
30 to 50 kVA (K1-K20): 36"W x 32"D x 76"H
200 to 225 kVA (K1-K13): 36”W x 32”D x 76”H
200 to 225 kVA (K20): 41”W x 35”D x 76”H
300 kVA (K1-K20): 41”W x 35”D x 76”H
400 to 500kVA (K1–K20): 62”W x 45”D x 80”H
Monitoring Features

Metered Values:

Input voltage: L-L
Output voltage: L-L & L-N
Phase output current
Neutral current
Ground current
kVA, KW, Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Power factor / phase
Percent load / phase
Load Profiling
Min & Max V, I, Hz, KW recorded over a four hour period
Captures highest reading on monthly basis, with trend information over last 23 months
Transformer over-temp. & shutdown
Over-and under-voltage (input & output)
High current (Three-phases, N, G)
Phase rotation (input & output)
Phase loss
Building alarms (Two - programmable)
Voltage THD
Current THD
Over/Under frequency
Output overload (3-Levels)
Modem call
EPO (Optional)
Custom shutdowns on alarms:
- Phase rotation
- Phase loss
- Ground fault
- Site wiring fault
- Building alarms
Modbus RTU (RS232/485)
PXGX Xpert gateway card – PXGX PDP (Modbus TCP/IP, SNMP, ethernet)