Eaton Environmental Rack Monitor (End of Life)

Environmental power quality threats—such as heat-related issues, humidity, water leaks, smoke and cabinet intrusion—can be devastating to IT environments. The Eaton Environmental Rack Monitor (ERM) continuously monitors environmental conditions at the rack level, providing security for critical assets in high-density data centers and other types of environments.

Eaton Environmental Rack Monitor – Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Type: Environmental monitoring device
Communications compatibility: Supports standard Internet Protocols; Unit has its own Web server. Supports SNMP and comes with its own MIB
Dimensions (LxWxH): 2.5 x 7.6 x 11.9 (inches)
133 x 24 x 88 (mm)
Weight: 1.7 lbs
12 V DC Power Supply Receptacles: Choose from five options for US, UK, Europe, Australia or IEC C13/C14 receptacles

Eaton Environmental Rack Monitor – Features

  • Monitors temperature and humidity at two locations in a rack and the status of up to four additional input contact sensor devices
  • Mounts easily in unused side or rear channels; rugged TH-Module sensors can be mounted anywhere in the rack/enclosure
  • Displays color graphs of heat/humidity trends to identify areas for proactive action and retains historical environmental data even when the unit is powered off
  • Aggregates real-time information from up to 100 Environmental Rack Monitors and displays it a single web page (an Eaton exclusive feature)
  • Automatically notifies designated recipients by email of out-of-range conditions (warnings or alarms)
  • Scans the network (or a range of IP addresses you specify) to auto-discover other rack monitors in that subnet, and displays their real-time status in one table
  • 1-year warranty
  • Integrates with Eaton network closet, server room and data center solutions

Eaton Environmental Rack Monitor – Documentation

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Eaton Environmental Rack Monitor – Options

Optional Environmental Monitoring Add-Ons
Model Part Number
Temperature and humidity module (black) 103005822
Water leak detector, 3 feet 103005780
Water leak detector, 12 feet 103005894
Door contact sensor 103005781
Vibration sensor 103005782
Smoke detector/alarm (110 Vac, NEMA 5-15) 103005890
Smoke detector/alarm (220 Vac, IEC C-13) 103005779

Eaton Environmental Rack Monitor – Service & Support

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