Expansion Chassis product image

Expansion Chassis UPS Connectivity Device

(Part Number 05147063)

With the Eaton Expansion Chassis, users may easily configure a UPS-based power management system that supports the chosen network protocol.

The Expansion Chassis is a three-slot power quality peripheral device that expands communication methods for a UPS through its support for X-slot cards. It comes pre-configured with a card that conforms to the Modicon Modbus‚ protocol. 

Two additional slots are available for use with any of the following cards:

  • A ConnectUPS-X SNMP/Web Adapter - monitor via SNMP or the Web
  • A ConnectUPS-M SNMP Module - monitor via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • A Single Port Serial Card - connect an additional server for monitoring and graceful shutdown
  • A Multi-Server Card - connect up to three servers for monitoring and graceful shutdown, supports load segment control and RS-232 signals for low battery and AC Fail
  • A Modbus Card - connect to another Modbus Network, monitor via BMS

The Expansion Chassis and associated cards effectively act as a protocol converter easily integrating the UPS into open architecture management systems. This device may be placed on or close to the associated UPS system using the included mounting feet. The kit includes brackets for rack and wall mounting.