Eaton Network Card-MS


The Eaton Network Card-MS allows an Eaton UPS to directly connect to the Ethernet network and the Internet, supporting real-time monitoring and control of UPSs across the network via a standard Web browser, SNMP-compliant network management system or power management software.

Eaton Network Card-MS – Technical Specifications

Product Snapsnot
Function: Web/SNMP communications
UPS supported: 5P, 5PX, 9130, 9PX, Evolution, EX, 93E
Compatible with: SNMPv3 and IPv6

Eaton Network Card-MS
Eaton Network Card-MS Technical Specifications

Eaton Network Card-MS – Features

  • Provides versatile support through HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, Telnet, SSL and SSH compatibility
  • Enables remote management of a UPS or rebooting of protected devices over SNMP/Web
  • Facilitates customizable actions including automatic shutdown in the event of an extended power failure with Intelligent Power Protector
  • Enables data and event logging
  • Allows you to receive email/SMS notification of alerts
  • Delivers measurement of humidity and temperature with the optional Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP)

Eaton Network Card-MS – Documentation

Eaton Network Card-MS User's Guide
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NURTS Bulgaria
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Network Card-MS Realease note for Version LB
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Eaton Network Connectivity MIB Files
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Release note for Network-MS Card Release JL
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English (US)
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Eaton Network Card-MS – Options

Power Management Connectivity
Option Part Number
Environmental Monitoring Probe (EMP)
The Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe enables you to monitor environmental conditions as easily as you monitor power conditions. The EMP is compatible with any Eaton UPS using Web/SNMP card and is simple to install using standard CAT5 cable to connect the communications port to the card.

Eaton Network Card-MS – Service & Support

Technical Support Help Desk
Service 365 x 7 x 24
Toll-free hotline no.: 1800-200-7887