Visual Power Manager (VPM)

Visual Power Manager (VPM) is an easy-to-use, comprehensive power monitoring software that saves time and simplifies the day-to-day monitoring of your IT environment. This will ensure you stay on top of power management while still focusing on the bigger picture – running your data center efficiently and effectively.




Visual Power Manager (VPM) – License options

Installation requirements
Operating System – Certified Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.8(64 bit)
CentOS Linux 6.8 (64 bit)
Operating System - Supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.6, and 6.7 (64 bit)
CentOS Linux 6.6 and 6.7 (64 bit)
Operating System Locale Operating System must use the en_US locale
Physical Memory 16 GB
Minimum Disk Space 300 GB
CPUs Quad‐Core CPU (Intel Xeon E5‐2407 v2 @ 2.40GHz and above)


License part numbers
License based on number of nodes (power devices to include PDUs and UPSs)
Part Number Nodes List Price*
VPM-50 50 $9,360
VPM-100 100 $17,280
VPM-250 250 $40,200
VPM-500 500 $73,200
VPM-1000 1000 $134,400
VPM-2500 2500 $318,000
Expansion License Part Numbers
Incrementally increase number of licensed nodes
Part Number Nodes List Price*
VPME-10 10 $1,872
VPME-50 50 $9,360
VPME-100 100 $17,280
VPME-500 500 $73,200
Annual Renewal
An annual renewal license must be purchased each year to maintain operation of VPM
Part Number Nodes List Price*
VPMS-50 50 $1,872
VPMS-100 100 $3,456
VPMS-250 250 $8,040
VPMS-500 500 $14,640
VPMS-1000 1000 $26,880
VPMS-2500 2500 $63,600
Expansion Annual Renewal
Incrementally increase number of licensed nodes for annual renewal license
Part Number Nodes List Price*
VPMSE-10 10 $374
VPMSE-50 50 $1,872
VPMSE-100 100 $3,456
VPMSE-500 500 $14,640

* List Prices are not a reflection of the actual product price paid. Contact your Eaton reseller or partner to obtain a quote.

Visual Power Manager (VPM) – Features

VPM software provides the tools you need to proactively monitor rack power devices—including UPSs and PDUs—in your data center. With Eaton’s VPM software, monitoring your rack power infrastructure has never been easier. VPM features:

  • Rack and floor layout tools to deliver a visual display of your data center
  • An easy-to-deploy, user-friendly setup to streamline common pain points of software installation
  • Simplified day-to-day monitoring, allowing you to view trends from your dashboard, identify equipment health status and supply predefined and custom reports
  • The ability to auto-discover Eaton UPSs and rack PDUs, while maintaining your multi-vendor environment
  • Initiate mass firmware and configuration commands for Eaton rack PDUs
  • Reporting that can alert you of potential issues to ensure you can react and take corrective action quickly
VPM floor builder tool
VPM floor builder tool

Visual Power Manager (VPM) – Documentation

Eaton Visual Power Manager brochure
English (US)
417 kB
Visual Power Manager Server and OS Installation Guide
English (US)
272 kB
English (US)
182 kB
Eaton’s Visual Power Manager Software Simplifies Rack PDU Monitoring
English (US)
274 kB

Visual Power Manager (VPM) – Options

Installation Service
Option Part number
Visual Power Manager Installation Service
of VPM by Eaton’s trained field technicians
For more information, contact 800-356-5794 Option 2, Option 1
Power equipment
Option Part number
Eaton uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
Keep critical equipment protected with battery back-up solutions designed to fit your needs. Eaton UPSs can be controlled through VPM
Eaton rack power distribution units (PDU)
Effectively and efficiently distribute power to IT equipment with a rack environment. Eaton rack PDUs can be controlled through VPM

Visual Power Manager (VPM) – Service & Support

Onsite professional installation
Visual Power Manager Installation Service of VPM by Eaton’s trained field technicians. For more information, contact 800-356-5794. Option 2, Option 1

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