Prefabricated Power Solutions

Ever wish there was an easy answer when you need a high quality power solution that’s cost effective and fast to deploy? Now there is. Eaton’s prefabricated power solutions are fully designed and integrated, arrive system tested and require minimal assembly. They also have a low total cost of ownership, can be customized to meet most technical requirements and deploy quickly so you can add more units as you grow.

These solutions combine several products to support shorter lead times, faster deployment and reduced risk during design and implementation. And since they’re pre-configured setups that are each tested as a system before deployment, you’re getting consistent, repeatable designs that can be mirrored across multi-phase and multi-location sites. We have three configurations: Connected, Centralized and Contained.

Watch the one-minute overview

This video introduces you to Eaton’s prefabricated power solutions. Click on Connected, Centralized and Contained at right and below for details on each configuration.


  • UPS modules and switchgear
  • Up to 5000 amps
  • Customizable
  • Used in gray space


  • UPS, batteries and switchboard on a skid
  • Up to 550 kVA
  • Used in warehouse environments and gray space


  • UPS, batteries, switchgear, HVAC and fire and safety equipment in a container
  • 825 and 1100 kVA
  • Used in warehouse environments, disaster situations, outdoors and more—a data center in a box