PredictPulse predictive remote monitoring for infrastructure management

In a perfect world, you’d have eyes on your IT infrastructure and power management equipment constantly, making sure it’s protecting critical power and running efficiently. That’s not reality though—your team has more to tend to than just the IT environment. Plus, each person likely has different experience with responding to power issues. That’s where remote monitoring and management can make a difference.

PredictPulse next-level monitoring and management service collects and analyzes data from connected power infrastructure devices, providing us with the insight needed to make recommendations and take action on your behalf. It’s also powered by CA Technologies, bringing together the best in hardware and software.

Furthermore PredictPulse Insight adds predictive analytics, shifting power monitoring from a reactive to a proactive model. As the first cloud-based analytics service for data center infrastructure to predict the failure of power components, you’ll receive real-time status information, time savings and peace of mind that your entire power infrastructure has a second set of eyes on it.

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