Eaton Surge Protection Devices - PSPV Series (End of Life)

Eaton’s PSPV series is UL 1449 3rd Edition certified and is a commercial grade and light industrial surge protective device (SPD) that combines surge suppression components and EMI/RFI filtering, providing effective protection for sensitive electronic loads. Surges (also known as transients) due to lightning, utility grid switching, switching of external/internal inductive or capacitive loads, and other sources travel on power line conductors throughout the electrical distribution system, causing system operating problems and equipment downtime. Use of the PSPV units can prevent these costly occurrences and equipment damage. Available with six surge current capacity ratings, the PSPV can be installed on the main of light commercial buildings, on any subpanel in a facility and in any control panel to protect sensitive electronic equipment.

PSPV Series – Features

  • SurgePlane™ technology to ensure reliability and performance by using a low impedance copper platform
  • Parallel hybrid filter technology
  • Status indicator lights to monitor supply power, surge suppression component status and fusing
  • Audible alarm and Form C contacts for remote monitoring
  • 50 through 200 kA surge current capacity ratings
  • 10-year warranty

UL 1449 3rd Edition Information

UL 1449 is the standard that surge protective devices must comply with. This standard underwent major changes, with required compliance mandatory on September 29, 2009. All SPDs manufactured after that date must be compliant with UL 1449 3rd edition.

 UL 1449 Key Changes

PSPV Series – Documentation

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PSPV Series – Support

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