Helpful resources

The following resources are designed to help you understand the basic concepts of UPS service, what to expect during the lifespan of a UPS, and how to extend to optimize and extend its operation through service.

Straight talk about capacitors in your UPS
What they are, what they do, why they’re essential in your UPS— and the importance of proactive maintenance for these humble and often overlooked components

Did you know? Eaton’s technician statistics
Eaton’s people demonstrate commitment to strong, lasting customer relationships through technical expertise and an expansive support network. Take a look at some of the supporting facts.

Did you know? Eaton service statistics
A quick glace into some Eaton service including first-time fix rate, overall customer satisfaction, and more.

UPS lifecycle checklist
The following chart shows the theoretical life of a typical UPS and the parts requiring annual inspection.

The Not-So-Shocking Truths About UPS Safety
When dealing with commercial and industrial electrical systems, such as UPSs and their batteries, data center and facilities managers need to be aware of the risks, especially since some repair and maintenance procedures require working with a unit that is still energized.

Choosing a UPS Service Plan
Whether you choose to engage in a regular preventive maintenance contract with a UPS manufacturer, rely on an independent service provider, perform routine maintenance in-house, or call upon professional expertise only when needed, there are specific benefits to each option, as well as disadvantages of which you should be aware.

Data center downtime: risk and cost avoidance through service
Businesses rely on UPSs to deliver continuous power without any disruption, and proper service is a critical component to ensuring optimal performance from a UPS. It is important to understand the various threats that can lead to UPS failure, and the solutions that allow data centers to avoid the high costs of downtime.

Large Battery Handbook
Topics include extending the life of your UPS, battery types and battery maintenance.