Server Rooms - Solutions

Server Rooms - Solutions

With the increasing reliance on Internet connectivity within daily business operations, attaining true continuity for critical computing systems is key for IT managers.

Protection from hidden threats, such as momentary power glitches or long-term outages, is of upmost importance. Eaton® power protection, distribution and management solutions give information technology (IT) managers peace of mind that their servers are protected by the best power solutions in the industry.

Server Rooms - Providing peace of mind

Providing peace of mind

Power coming in from the grid is often times disrupted, causing data loss, file corruption, expensive hardware or server damage, and equipment shut off or lock up. Our power protection, distribution and management solutions safeguard your devices against these power-related issues.
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Server Rooms - Enhancing integration

Enhancing integration

Through integration points with leading software and hardware vendors such as VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, NetApp, EMC and VCE, our solutions expand the capabilities of the virtual platform and simplify power infrastructure implementation in new and existing IT environments.
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Server Rooms - Planning for the future

Planning for the future

We continuously evolve our offerings so we can help solve your biggest IT challenges. The ePDU G3, for example, supports higher operating temperatures to reduce cooling costs and has improved billing grade accuracy to effectively measure power usage.
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