Eaton PSFI

Eaton PSFi series

Designed for IEC, Class III, plug in surge power board for domestic, SOHO and light industrial environments.10A and 16A IEC in / out, rugged case, dual mode filter and 3 mode surge protection.

Eaton PSFi – Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
KA rating 60kA mass aggregate
Connection type Series filter
Operation modes L-N, L-E, N-E
Operating voltages 220-285vac
Part Number Configuration modes
PSF10i 10A, L-N,L-E,N-E
PSF16i 16A, L-N,L-E,N-E

Eaton PSFi – Features

  • Surge suppression & filtering in a single package
  • Small footprint, modular design
  • Enclosed in rugged metal housing
  • Surge suppression rating 40kA all modes
  • Protection Fail Indicators
  • 3 mode, 3 Stage Protection
  • 12 Month Warranty

Eaton PSFi – Documentation

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Eaton PSFi – Support

Technical Help Desk
Service Hotline: + 65 6825 1684