Eaton SPDQM1 Technical Specifications

Eaton SPDQM1
Dimensions (H x W x D, mm) 93 x 25 x 71
Weight (g) 310
Protection Mode Single Mode - connected L-N
Service type TNC, TN C-S (for TNS add 1 x SPD50NGI protector)
System voltage - Un 220 - 250VAC (380 - 440VAC 3 Ph) 50/60 Hz
Test Classification Class II (IEC 61643-1), Category C3 (ANSI/IEEE C62.41)
Maximum Continuous Over Voltage (MCOV - Uc) 300VAC
Temporary Over Voltage (TOV) (5s) 330VAC
External disconnector requirements None. In-built 100AgL/50kA HRC fuse
Surge current rating In (20 times) 30kA (8/20us)
Surge current rating Ismax (2 times) 60kA (Imax MOV rating, 8/20us)
Residual voltage (Vpl) @ 3kA 1.1kV (cable trimmed to 250mm)
Residual voltage (Vpl) @ In 1.8kV (device only)
Connections Quicklag™ terminal for phase connection.
6mm2 cable (black) for Neutral connection (500mm length)
Due to continual product improvement specifications are subject to change without notice