Eaton SPDT60-255 Technical Specifications

Eaton SPDT60-255
Dimensions (not incl relay) 17 x 68 x 90
Weight (g) 100
Input voltage Neutral - Earth connection only. System voltage 220- 250VAC (380-440V)
Maximum continuous operating voltage (MCOV) 255VAC
(no conduction under load fault conditions)
Shunt Technology GDT
Service Type Single & 3-Phase with remotely grounded neutral
Test Classification (IEC61643-1) Class II
Initial clamp voltage N/A
Initial spark over voltage 600V
Maximum rated surge current - Ismax 8/20us 60kA
Nominal surge current - In 8/20us 40kA
Residual voltage (Vpl) @ 3kA, 8/20us N/A
Residual voltage (Vpl) @ Ismax, 8/20us 1.8kV  
Energy absorption (2ms) N/A
Nominal surge lifetime (In) 40kA (8/20us), 20 times
Internal protection Thermal disconnector
Recommended maximum over-current protection None
Terminations Power terminals 16mm², Alarm terminals 1.5mm²
Supply Current<10mA
Alarms/indicatorsFlag indicator, dry contact alarm relay - 250VAC/24VDC, 2A
Environmental & Standards
Design standards IEC61643-1, IEC610006, ANSI/IEEE C62.41, AS1768-2007, AS3100, CE mark
Specifications are subject to change without notice