Eaton SPDV60 and T60 series

Eaton SPDV60

Designed for IEC, Class II, 1 and 3 phase. Point of entry and sub board. Din rail mount, 1 din wide, modular cartridge, 60kA per mode, remote alarm output all models.


Eaton SPDV60 and T60 - Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
KA rating 60kA per mode
Connection type Parallel shunt
Operation modes Differential and / or common mode
Operating voltages 220 – 300vac 1 phase
Part Number Configuration modes
EATON SPDV60 and T60
SPDV60-300 L-N or L-E
SPDT60-255 N-E

Eaton SPDV60 and T60 - Features

  • 1 mode plug-in protection
  • 60kA 8/20uS maximum surge rating
  • Compact solution for primary protection
  • DIN43880 case, 35mm DIN-rail
  • Removable dry-contact alarm connection
  • Thermally protected

Eaton SPDV60 and T60 - Documentation

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Eaton SPDV60 and T60 - Support

Technical Help Desk
Service Hotline: + 65 6825 1684