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Eaton ePDU

What is an ePDU?

Eaton ePDUs are enclosure power distribution units. Designed to provide you with a high quality solution for your power distribution needs, ePDUs provide advanced technologies including manageability, monitoring, and automatic transfer switching.

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Managed ePDUs
Eaton Managed ePDU provides monitoring and switching at the individual outlet level.

Advanced Monitored ePDUs
Eaton Advanced Monitored ePDU provide outlet-level monitoring of power usage in kilo-watt hours.

Monitored ePDUs
Eaton Monitored ePDUs all users to remotely monitor the current draw of the unit and individual sections.

Switched ePDUs
Eaton switched ePDU provides remote power monitoring of both voltage and current.

Inline monitored ePDUs
Eaton In-Line Monitored ePDUs are designed for new data centres, or for retrofitting to upgrade an existing infrastructure which lacks power monitoring.

Basic ePDUs
Eaton Basic ePDUs are designed for reliable and cost effective power distribution.

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