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Eaton Basic Operation and Overview Training DVD

Currently available for the Eaton 9155, 9355, 9390, 9395 and 93PM UPS

This new training course provides comprehensive user and operator training instruction tailored to both non-technical and experienced operators. Each DVD is tailored to the characteristics of the particular UPS model and covers its basic safety and operating steps.

Eaton 93PM UPS

Click here for a brief preview from the Eaton 93PM UPS training video.

Power Xpert 9395 UPS

Click here for a brief preview from the Eaton Power Xpert 9395 UPS training video.

Topics of these DVDs include:

  1. Safety: Understand and follow all safety guidelines.
  2. Introduction: Basic description and configuration of the UPS model.
  3. LCD Controls: You’ll know how to navigate the LCD front panel display and how to tell the UPS what to do.
  4. Battery: You’ll know how to safely open and close the battery breaker(s).
  5. Alarms: How to use the information on the front panel LCD screen to identify and troubleshoot potential problems.
  6. Startup: How to start up a single UPS System from the shutdown state.
  7. Transfer: You’ll know how to manually transfer a load to static bypass without dropping the load.
  8. Special Features: If your UPS has Energy Saver System (ESS) or Variable Module Management System (VMMS) installed, you’ll know how to enable or disable it.
  9. Support: You’ll know how to contact Eaton for service and support.

For more information, or to order your DVD now, please e-mail GSLCParts@Eaton.com

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