Battery Management & Monitoring Solutions

Improper battery maintenance is the number one cause of load loss. Designed to minimize this risk, Eaton UPSs feature battery management and monitoring solutions to take the guesswork out of battery maintenance and increase system reliability:

 ABM Technology
 Remote Monitoring Services

eNotify Remote Monitoring Services

Imagine the security of having trained service technicians standing by around-the-clock to attend to the needs of your UPS and battery system. The eNotify Remote Monitoring Service from Eaton provides you with real time notification of critical alarms, the ability to diagnose problems remotely, monthly monitoring reports and daily UPS heartbeat checks. For more information...


A state-of-the-art battery monitoring system designed specifically for large (three-phase) UPSs, Cellwatch utilizes the latest fiber optic technology to provide rapid, noise-free transmission of information. The modular system continuously monitors the entire battery system, including string and cell level voltage, internal resistance, current and temperature throughout the charge, discharge, and float periods.

Cellwatch provides immediate warnings of deterioration and imminent failure of batteries, and identifies any individual battery that exhibits problems—providing a proactive approach to ensuring UPS reliability. In addition, this monitoring system allows battery replacement to be based on the battery’s condition, not simply on how long it’s been in use, helping avoid premature and unnecessary replacement.

Cellwatch includes a one-year corrective maintenance coverage on parts and labor and a 24-hour hotline for technical support. An optional comprehensive service plan is also available.