Intelligent Power Manager capability overview by license

Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) offers two editions— the Manage Edition and the Optimize Edition.
The Manage Edition is a free download for up to 10 power devices. Paid tiers are available for larger deployments.
The Optimize Edition—our premium offering—provides the most complete set of capabilities for implementing power management
strategies in virtual and hybrid environments including the ability to monitor and manage third-party power devices in addition to Eaton equipment.

Trial Licenses are available upon request. Please contact your local Eaton account representative or local support team to obtain a trial license.

The table below outlines the capabilities of each Edition.

Standard Power Management Features MANAGE OPTIMIZE BENEFITS
Protected Servers (IPP) and Virtual Servers Gracefully shutdown servers.
Storage Shutdown Module Remotely shutdown select storage devices.
Generic Drivers and Third Party Devices Monitor 3rd party devices via a generic SNMP driver.
Configuration Policy Create power & environmental event business continuity policies for groups of devices.
Control ePDU outlets Enable policy based control of ePDU outlets.
Advanced Event Action with Standard Events Use standard power events in configuration policies.
Advanced Event Action with Custom Events x Use custom user defined events in configuration policies.
Generic SSH action x Easily configure custom actions on any SSH enabled device.
3rd party power device support x Create business continuity policies on events generated by supported 3rd party devices.
Virtual Infrastructure Features MANAGE OPTIMIZE BENEFITS
Plugin for VMware vCenter Integrate power management into your vCenter environment.
Plugin for Citrix XenCenter Integrate power management into your XenCenter environment.
Basic Power Actions:
  • Shutdown Storage Devices
  • Shutdown Virtual Hosts
  • Shutdown Virtual Machines
  • Enter/Exit Maintenance Mode
✓* Perform basic graceful shutdown actions in business continuity policies by shutting down virtual machines, virtual hosts, shutting down select storage devices and/or by entering/exiting maintenance mode.
Advanced Power Actions:

For VM/Volume:

  • Load shedding
  • Shutdown Targeted Virtual Machines
  • Migrate Virtual Machines to Targeted Hosts
  • Automatic VM group assignment
For Hosts:
  • Shutdown VMware vApp
  • Automate VMware SRM Recovery Plan
x Reduce power load by integrating policy driven VM load shedding into your business continuity policies

Target a specific VM or groups of VMs for shutdown and/or migration in load shedding policies

Target VMware vApps for shutdown in load shedding policies

Automatically trigger the execution of your VMware SRM Recovery Plan when runtime hits a predefined threshold.

Virtual IT Infrastructure Level:
  • Fully virtualized cluster shutdown
  • VMware vSAN shutdown
  • Nutanix Acropolis shutdown
x Enable 100% safe shutdown and restore of VMs and host servers in high availability environments
3rd Party IT Solution Connectors MANAGE OPTIMIZE BENEFITS
Cisco UCS Manager x Dynamically power cap Cisco UCS devices in your business continuity policies.
NetApp Storage Trigger the shutdown of NetApp storage devices in your business continuity policies.
VMware vCenter Create business continuity policies to protect your vCenter clusters
VMware ESXi Create business continuity policies to protect individual ESXi servers
Microsoft Hyper-V Create business continuity policies to protect Hyper-V servers or clusters
Citrix XenCenter Create business continuity policies to protect XenCenter environments
Citrix XenServer Pool Create business continuity policies to protect XenServer Pool clusters
Nutanix Acropolis x Create business continuity policies to protect Nutanix Acropolis clusters
OpenStack x Power optimize the placement of VMs in Ubuntu OpenStack environments
HPE OneView x Create business continuity policies to power cap HPE servers or groups of servers via OneView & iLO
Eaton IPM Management Pack for VMware vRealize Operations Manager x Monitor and analyze power information directly from within VMware vRealize.

*Not included for Eaton Essential UPS Models (9E and 93E) and all non Eaton UPS Models.
  Competitor UPS customers need to purchase Optimize License to enable Basic and Advanced virtualization features.