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Eaton Remote UPS Monitoring (FORS)

FORS, short for Full Online Remote Service, connects your UPS units over a modem line to Eaton's remote monitoring centre. FORS enables savings in maintenance costs while increasing the reliability of your power protection solution. FORS is the option when selecting Standard, Enhanced or Premier service level.

Automated reliability

FORS is a software based, fully automatic remote UPS inspection over the telephone network. It supplies UPS measurement values, status information, event logs and alarms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and gives maintenance staff a possibility to log on to the UPS system manually for further diagnostics.

If a fault develops, FORS automatically alerts Eaton's duty technician. The technician can immediately determine what is wrong with the UPS, how urgent the fault is, what needs to be done and what spares are needed even before visiting the site. This eliminates unnecessary visits to your site just to find out what is wrong.


  • Minimize customer's business risks
  • Continuous 24 h monitoring
  • Prevents failures before they occur
  • Fast problem resolving