Eaton ePDU G3 Platform

The new Eaton® ePDU® G3 platform features Eaton’s third-generation (G3) technology, providing best-in-class power distribution with a full line of Basic, Metered Input, Metered Outlet and Managed models. Offering a variety of capabilities to fulfill IT requirements, ePDU G3 models support a wide-array of applications ranging from small/medium businesses to enterprise data centers.

ePDU G3 Basic models

Designed for reliable and cost effective power distribution, the new ePDU G3 Basic models feature Eaton’s patented IEC outlet grip plug retention, color-coded outlet sections, a low-profile form factor and a high operating temperature.

ePDU G3 Metered Input models

New ePDU G3 Metered Input models feature best-in-class technologies, including ±1% billing grade accuracy, an advanced LCD pixel display, a hot-swap meter and the ability to daisy chain four ePDUs to share the same network connection and IP address.

ePDU G3 Metered Outlet models

Eaton ePDU G3 Metered Outlet models monitor and measure critical factors such as voltage, current and power consumption. They can help conserve energy with ±1% billing grade accuracy and measurement at the outlet level.

ePDU G3 Managed models

New ePDU G3 Managed models offer advanced power management and precision control including ability to measure power consumption at the outlet level, turn off unused outlets, remotely manage equipment and obtain level 3 PUE (power usage effectiveness).

Each of these features helps you save time (T), money (M) or reduce risk (R) – and sometimes more than one.

Basic Metered Input Metered Outlet Managed
Simplify installation
Light-weight aluminum chassis (R)
(Ease installation)
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Low-profile form factor (T)
(Provide zero interference into the rail space)
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Pre-installed, tool-less mounting buttons (T)
(Reduce installation time)
tick tick tick tick
Flexible mounting options (T)
(Choose your preferred mounting method)
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Enhance operation
Three-year advanced placement warranty (M)
(Save money with a longer than industry standard warranty)
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Integrated IEC outlet grips (M,R)
(Easily secure plugs to prevent accidental disconnect)
tick tick tick tick
High 140°F (60°C) operating temperature (M,R)
(Reduce cooling costs and maintain full functionality)
tick tick tick tick
Color-coded outlet sections (T,R)
(Simplify load balancing)
tick tick tick tick
Advanced LCD pixel display (T)
(Allow for easy IP setup and troubleshooting)
tick tick tick tick
Hot-swap meter (T,M,R)
(Remove meter without power disruption to IT equipment)
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Daisy chain (share network connection/IP address) (M)
(Reduce network infrastructure costs by 87.5%))
  tick tick tick
One percent billing-grade accuracy (M)
(Optimize power utilization)
  tick tick tick
Phase and section metering (T)
(Balance loads to prevent overloads)
  tick tick tick
Measure power consumption at outlet level (M)
(Acquire precise data to make informed decisions)
  tick tick tick
Measure Level 3 power usage effectiveness (PUE) (M)
(Optimize data center performance and efficiency)
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Maximize control
Outlet switching (T,M)
(Remote on, off and reboot saves time and costs)
Turn off unused outlets (R)
(Control unauthorized use)
Remote site management (T,M)
(Save time from on-site visits)
Group reboot for A and B feed (T)
(Save time by controlling grouped power supplies)
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Useful Tools
G3 Installation video
Eaton ePDU G3 Basic interactive
Eaton ePDU G3 Metered Input interactive
Eaton ePDU G3 Metered Outlet interactive
Eaton ePDU G3 Managed interactive
Rack PDU selector