Power protection for IBM System x

IBM Selector screen shotEasily select the right IBM UPS and PDU for your application with our selector tool.

IBM meets the ever increasing need to reduce operational costs and improve productivity with power protection offerings that are tested and validated by IBM for System x and Pure Systems applications to deliver unsurpassed compatibility and high-availability.

IBM UPSs raise the bar with free intelligent UPS management software optimised for virtual environments to provide monitoring, management and agentless control of virtual machines even in multi-host environments to deliver high availability and business continuity.

Advanced energy management is achieved through integration with IBM Systems Director Active Energy Manager (AEM), enabling strategic energy management across an organization from a single-pane-of-glass. Reduce operational costs with 95% UPS efficiency rating and peace of mind provided by IBM’s world-class 3-year warranty making the IBM UPS the best possible match for any IBM application.

To complement this, IBM offers a comprehensive portfolio of power distribution units (PDU) to distribute conditioned power from a UPS or utility power to IT equipment with in a rack. A wide range of PDU models are available including Basic and Switched and Monitored PDUs.


Model Number Part Number Watts/VA Rating Input Connection Input Cords Output Connection Operating Voltage
Tower UPS
1000 VA LCD Tower 230V
IBM 1000 VA LCD Tower product photo
53961KX 750 / 1000 C14 Optional country-specific line cords (8) C13 230V
1500 VA LCD Tower 230V
IBM 1000 VA LCD Tower product photo
53962KX 1000 / 1500 C14 Optional country-specific line cords (8) C13 230V
Rack UPS
1500 VA LCD Rack 230V
IBM 1500 VA LCD 2U rack product photo
53951KX 1000 / 1500 C14 Optional country-specific line cords (4) C13 230V
2200 VA LCD Rack 230V
IBM 2200 VA LCD 2U rack product photo
53952KX 1920 / 2200 C20 Optional country-specific line cords (8) C13,
(2) C19
3000 VA LCD Rack 230V
IBM 3000 VA LCD 3U rack product photo
53953KX 2700 / 3000 C20 Optional country-specific line cords (8) C13,
(2) C19
6000 VA LCD Rack 230V
IBM 6000 VA LCD 6U rack product photo
53956KX 5600 / 6000 Hardwired - (6) C13,
(4) C19
11000 VA LCD Rack 230V
IBM 11000 VA LCD 5U product photo
53959KX 10000 / 11000 Hardwired - (8) C19 230V

basic pdu product photo IBM 0U Basic PDU
Cost-effective rack-dense 24-outlet power distribution offer single- and three-phase models to meet the most demanding budget or power requirement.
ultra pdu product photo IBM DPI Ultra Density Enterprise PDU
High density design with nine C19 and three C13 receptacles. PDU+ models combine receptacle density with advanced intelligent power management.
pdu product photo
Intelligent power distribution with advanced monitoring capabilities.

pdu product photo IBM DPI Enterprise PDU
Highly advanced modular units with power cord connection, breakers and outlets all on the same side of PDU for easy access.
pdu product photo IBM DPI High-Density PDU
Highest quantity of receptacles per PDU with twelve C19 outlets.

pdu product photo IBM NEMA, Rack, and Front-End PDU
Economical, basic power distribution for rack-based systems.

Real power for virtualization

In virtual environments, more services run on less hardware. That means keeping those services up and running is vital. Our virtualization solution enables you to extend the runtime of your network and protect critical equipment. intelligent UPS management software integrates seamlessly with the major virtual platforms, enabling you to view and manage your entire power system from your current dashboard. It also triggers live migration and in the event of an extended power outage will gracefully shutdown virtual machines and hosts in a cluster expanding the capabilities of a virtual environment — creating a strategic, maximized asset.

Intelligent Power Protector
Next-generation software for the automatic, graceful shutdown of PCs and servers during an extended power outage. Perfect for virtualized environments -- compatible with VMware's ESXi and vSphere.
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IBM UPS Power Manager
Intelligent Power Manager software facilitates easy, versatile, remote monitoring and management of multiple devices to keep users apprised of power and environmental conditions.
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Eaton Extensions for IBM Director
As a part of the comprehensive Eaton line of power management applications, the Extensions for IBM Director UPS software considerably simplifies network monitoring tasks.
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System x Power Management

9910 UPS models for IBM PowerSystems

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