Relay Serial Card product image

2939 Relay Serial Card

Product Snapshot
 IBM Feature Code:  9910-2939
 IBM Part Number:  39J2627
Configuration: X-Slot
Ideal application: Server configurations containing one i5-iSeries plus one serial (TTY) server
Color: Powerware grey

Features & Benefits

  The Relay-Serial interface card provides the essential dry-contact interface between your Powerware UPS and any relay-connected computer, including i5-iSeries-AS/400, as well as a variety of industrial applications; and, simultaneous serial (TTY) communications to any Windows, LINUX, AIX or other common O/S computer.
  Relay outputs are user-selectable “normally open (N/O) or “normally closed” (N/C) contacts
Remote UPS shutdown of one (1) i5-iSeries server plus up to 16 additional serially connected servers using LanSafe Group Controller and Group Member software (included)
Works with any Powerware UPS equipped with an X-Slot and supports:
  • Powerware 5125 (P22, P23, P33 and P65)
  • Powerware 9125 (P10, P11, P15, P16, P30 and P64)
  • Powerware 9330 (P93)
  • Other Powerware UPSs such as:
    • Powerware 5115 Rackmount
    • Powerware 9155
    • Powerware 9320
    • Powerware 9335
    • Powerware 9340
    • Powerware 9355
    • Powerware 9390
Bundled with one AS/400 (i5, iSeries) 25 ft/7.6m MT 9406 interface cable; and, one serial (p5, pSeries, OpenPower…) 6ft/1.8m interface cable.
Tested and approved by IBM to assure out-of-box usability
Includes premium IBM warranty (advance element exchange)