Products for IBM Global Services

IBM’s strategy to deliver cost-effective and flexible data center solutions to businesses facing significant capital and operational costs is complemented by Eaton’s industry leading innovative products that significantly reduce energy consumption while still achieving critically high standards for power quality.

Eaton products are used extensively within the power fabric of IBM Global Services IT solutions and integrated as a component of IBM’s premier data center offering portfolio such as the Portable Modular Data Center.

Eaton, a global technology leader in diversified power management solutions, makes electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably.

Eaton’s power quality portfolio encompasses a comprehensive suite of power management solutions, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), surge protective devices, power distribution units (PDUs), remote monitoring, software, power factor correction, airflow management, rack enclosures and services. Eaton strives for continued success in leveraging technical innovation to develop next-generation solutions.

Product Size Range Site and Facilities
9130 1-3 kVA Localized Protection, Network Closets, MDF/IDF Closets
9PX 5-11 kVA Localized Protection, Network Closets, MDF/IDF Closets
BladeUPS (8-60 kVA) Centralized computer room protection, or high-efficiency distributed data center protection
Eaton 9355 (10-30 kVA) Centralized computer room protection
Eaton 93PM (20-200 kVA) High-efficiency centralized or distributed data center protection
Power Xpert 9395
(225-1100 kVA) High-efficiency centralized data center protection
Data Center Power Distribution Flexible power distribution options for centralized data centers
Software (Foreseer, PowerXpert) Customizable software that integrate facilities monitoring of UPS, HVAC, Gen-sets and more
Generator Sets
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