Eaton Lithium-ion Batteries

Save time, space and energy with lithium-ion batteries. One of the most critical element of UPS performance is battery quality, that's why Eaton now offers an alternative to the long-time industry standard of valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. Eaton’s lithium-ion offering creates a safe and stable alternative battery option for UPS application. Benefits include longer battery lifespan, weight reduction, footprint reduction and expanded warranty coverage.

Eaton lithium-ion UPSs’ onboard Battery Management System (BMS) provides continual monitoring of cell temperature, battery cycles, and remaining life. This advanced monitoring provides accurate notifications and keeps you up-to-date on the status to improve the safety and awareness of your environment. Eaton continuously scans the globe to ensure the highest-quality Lithium-ion battery chemistries are available and qualified for use with our UPS solutions.

0-20kVA UPS solutions

Designed for remote and branch office environments, extended battery life and improved recharge capability allow you to set it and forget it.

≤400kW UPS solutions

The weight and dimensional benefits of Lithium-ion battery cabinets in combination with our existing 99% efficient UPS platforms create the optimal solution for your white or gray space.

>400kW UPS solutions

Understand the benefits, Eaton’s safety standards and the total cost of ownership savings our Lithium-ion offering can provide you and your company.

Battery Recycling

Learn more on how you can recycle your batteries today.

Maximize your efficiency

Lithium-ion batteries help ensure longer lasting reliability for your UPS. Watch this video to learn the unique difference between lithium ion batteries and VRLA batteries.