Pulsar Series formerly MGE Office Protection Systems by Eaton

MGE Products Now Known as our Pulsar Series

Love the MGE Office Protection Systems products but not sure where to find them? Eaton is proud to still carry them—they are now a part of our Pulsar series and have updated product names. Our Pulsar series of products is as efficient and reliable as you've come to expect, while also being the perfect choice for the cost-conscious customer. Let Eaton continue to help you solve your power problems, all the way from the desktop to the data center.

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New Product Name Formerly Known As 
UPS Products
Eaton Nova AVR Nova AVR
Eaton Evolution Evolution
Eaton Evolution S Evolution S
Eaton EX (Tower or Rack/Tower) Pulsar and Pulsar M
Eaton MX Pulsar MX
Power Distribution
Eaton STS Pulsar STS
Eaton FlexPDU FlexPDU
Eaton HotSwap Maintenance Bypass HotSwap Maintenance Bypass
Eaton Midspan PoE Midspan PoE
Surge Suppression
Eaton Eclipse Eclipse
Power Conditioners
Eaton Power-Sure 700 Power-Sure 700
Eaton Power-Sure 800 Power-Sure 800
Eaton Power-Suppress 100 Power-Suppress 100
Eaton Power-Suppress T7 Power-Suppress T7
Power Management
Eaton Personal Solution-Pac Personal Solution-Pac
Eaton Enterprise Power Manager Enterprise Power Manager
Eaton Network Shutdown Module Network Shutdown Module
Eaton Network Management Proxy Network Management Proxy
Eaton Network Management Card Mini-Slot Modbus/Jbus Card Network Management Card Mini-Slot Modbus/Jbus Card
Eaton Management Card Contacts & RS232/Serial Management Card Contacts & RS232/Serial
Eaton Environmental Sensor Environmental Sensor