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Intelligent Power Software

Intelligent Power Protector Screenshot
Intelligent Power Protector
IPP supports Eaton’s Powerware and Pulsar UPS products via USB, serial and network connection. It facilitates a graceful shutdown of protected IT systems in case of a prolonged power failure to prevent data loss and file system corruption. It has also monitoring and alarming functions for a single UPS.
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Intelligent Power Manager Screenshot
Intelligent Power Manager
Intelligent Power Manager software facilitates easy, versatile, remote monitoring and management of multiple devices to keep users apprised of power and environmental conditions.
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Power Management Software

Eaton UPS Companion
Eaton UPS Companion provides power management of personal computers for SOHO, small business & Residential users.
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Integrated Power Management
Microsoft Integrated Power Management

Enterprise Power Monitoring Software

Power Xpert Software
Power Xpert Software alarm bubble-up, advanced trending, graphic layout feature and waveform analysis tools help you quickly identify the most important events in your power distribution system and take immediate action.
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Power Xpert Reporting
Power Xpert Reporting aggregates information into built-in templates to provide understandable charts and graphs, allowing users to easily identify energy-saving opportunities.
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Foreseer monitors and proactively manages enterprise-wide mission-critical infrastructure equipment.
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Firmware Upgrades

If you do not see your required firmware, please contact our customer support team.

Connectivity Firmware, Flash Utilities and SNMP MIBs
Upgrade your connectivity product firmware to the latest revision including French, Russian, German, Italian etc. language supplements.

Eaton BladeUPS Firmware Updates
Keep your Eaton BladeUPS working at its best with the latest firmware updates.

Eaton 5P UPS Firmware Updates
Upgrade your Eaton 5P with the latest firmware updates.

Eaton 5PX UPS Firmware Updates
Upgrade your Eaton 5PX with the latest firmware updates.

Eaton 9PX UPS Firmware Updates
Upgrade your Eaton 9PX with the latest firmware updates.

Power Xpert Gateway PDP Card
Upgrade you power distribution connectivity card to the latest firmware.

Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card
Update your UPS connectivity card to the latest firmware version

DC Power Control and Monitoring Software

PowerManagerII software provides effective remote management for Eaton DC power systems. The intuitive, Windows®-based graphical user interface enables you to quickly ‘zoom in ’ and view concise summary information, or specific control functions, key operational data, or alarm details.
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DCTools is the new configuration software for field technicians installing and maintaining DC power systems.
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CellSure provides a method to report on batteries, showing where problems may occur and giving the most important information reliable battery capacity measurements in real time.
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Legacy Software

Eaton Extensions for IBM Director
As a part of the comprehensive Eaton line of power management applications, the Extensions for IBM Director UPS software considerably simplifies network monitoring tasks. 
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Eaton Pulsar series UPSs Integration kits
They allow easy integration of Eaton UPS's (equipped with ConnectUPS MS or Network Management Card) in the latest versions of the popular Network Management Systems platforms. Download
Main features:

  • Map Autodiscovery: MGE UPSs are represented on the NMS Map with dedicated UPS icons
  • Trap reception: color-coded alarms (critical/warning/normal)
  • Web GUI: Direct access to the UPS Web interface from the icon

Eaton Personal Solution-Pac
Software ideally suited for power management of personal computers (and their associated peripherals) with a serial / USB connection to a Pulsar UPS.
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With this Windows-based software, you can proactively monitor the health and performance of UPS, power distribution, and environmental systems across the enterprise from anywhere—and enhance the reliability of the entire power protection infrastructure.
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  OS Support

LanSafe WebView v. 1
LanSafe WebView provides a web-based interface to monitor the UPS properties of a LanSafe Controller and its associated members from a web browser.
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Eaton MultiView
Windows-based software that automatically discovers and adds the browser pages of connected ConnectUPS Web/SNMP Cards from Eaton UPSs.
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LanSafe v. 6
LanSafe v.6 delivers comprehensive support for Eaton UPSs (single and three-phase) via serial, USB, and network connectivity options.
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 OS Support

Eaton Network Management Proxy
Network Solution provides these 3 main functions: Connecting the UPS to the Network, protecting the computers, monitoring the UPSs over the Network. The SNMP/HTML Proxy is a more economical solution for small UPS systems. It allows a UPS to be controlled over the network without adding to the basic cost of the UPS. The proxy software agent is installed on the system to which the UPS is connected via a USB or RS232 port. The SNMP/HTML Proxy agent is used to manage a UPS remotely using a standard browser or network management console.

LanSafe v. 5
LanSafe v. 5 delivers comprehensive support for both Eaton single phase and three phase UPSs via serial, USB, and network connectivity options.
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 OS Support

LanSafe v. 4
LanSafe's exclusive SafetyNet Technology provides Network Shutdown functionality and enables network administrators to shut down the most critical equipment last.

Eaton NetWatch Software Version 5.0.0
Client shutdown software for use with ConnectUPS, BestLink and Network Management Card (NMC) cards.
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  OS Support

Powerware NetWatch Software v4
Client Shutdown software for use with ConnectUPS and BestLink web cards.
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Network Power Management solutions are designed to increase productivity through the use of advanced power protection integrated directly into the network environment.

The CheckUPS Software Suite is a comprehensive collection of power management and shutdown software for use with Powerware and Best/SOLA Uninterruptible Power Systems.