Power protection considerations

Questions to consider

Think through these questions when evaluating your power infrastructure, and the answers will guide you to making the right decisions.

Decentralized or central UPS?

Better understand the difference in these power protection deployment strategies.

Design considerations

The following factors are key design guidelines to talk into account prior to deciding on the appropriate solution.

How to size a UPS

Eaton has put together this worksheet to help you pick the right-sized UPS.

UPS cost justification worksheet

Eaton has put together this worksheet to help you estimate the cost savings backup power can deliver. Print the UPS size and cost worksheets.

TCO Chart

Use our TCO comparison chart to see the total cost of an Eaton UPS compared to competitors and see how much you could be saving.

Rack consideration checklist

Whether you’re building a new space or optimizing and retrofitting an existing one, answer these questions to determine the best rack solution for your specific IT requirements.

What is converged infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure (CI) is gaining popularity by allowing IT managers to reconfigure and expand their operations quickly, easily, and cost-effectively.

Rack solution worksheet

When the time comes to choose a rack or enclosure, be prepared to get more technical.

Tips for cable management

An organized rack decreases human errors, increases efficiency and better protects equipment by increasing effective airflow, particularly in an enclosure.