Rack consideration checklist

Whether you’re building a new space or optimizing and retrofitting an existing one, answer these questions to determine the best rack solution for your specific IT requirements.

When you’re prepared to get more technical, visit the Rack solution worksheet.

open rack

Space and environment

  • Where do you need to secure equipment? (e.g., Is it in a separate room or an open area where many people have access to it?)
  • How much open space do you have in this area? (Think in terms of width, depth and height as that will impact your ultimate solution.)
  • What set-up do you have in mind? For example, do you want to place multiple racks side-by-side? Or will they be stand-alone?
  • Will you need to easily move your rack or enclosure or will it be in a permanent location/layout?
  • Are you in a location with significant vibrations (e.g., near an airport) or one that’s prone to earthquakes?
rack cables

Equipment and cabling

  • What equipment will go in the rack(s)?
  • Will equipment be kept under lock and key at the rack level?
  • How wide, deep and tall (U height) is the equipment going into the rack?
  • Do you anticipate adding more equipment in the future?
  • How are you connecting the equipment together from a cabling perspective?
  • Will you need to run cabling across multiple racks? If so, how do you plan on doing that?
  • Will you need access to the rack from the bottom or top for cabling purposes?
rack with ePDU

Other considerations

  • Will you use rack power distribution units?
  • Will you need back-up power for your IT environment—either rackmount or free-standing?
  • Do you have a way to remotely monitor the environment and temperature 24/7?
  • Do you have power management software to help monitor equipment and migrate virtual machines in the event of an extended power outage?
  • How will you keep equipment at an ideal temperature?
  • Do you need airflow management accessories to accent what you’re already doing?


Interested in more information like this?

Interested in more information like this?
View the Rack and Enclosures Fundamentals Handbook